How to Make Animation or Movies with Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint and create a new presentation. Make a blank slide and set the transition to advance after 0 seconds. Click Apply to all.
  2. Draw the first frame of your animation. this one is important – it is the frame that all of the other frames in this scene will be based on. Take your time with it.
  3. Duplicate the slide, and make a very slight change in this slide for the progress of the animation. If you had a ball falling, make it go down one or two places. (Note: Powerpoint doesn’t use actual pixels, but a slightly larger placement system. Think of it as an invisible graph.)
  4. Duplicate the new slide and keep going. For things like gravity, make the motion stronger each time, eg, changing it more and more. The most catastrophic thing is to make things go too fast,s o don’t be afraid to take a lot of slides to do one thing – you can always delete them later.
  5. Preview your presentation constantly, changing anything you think needs to be changed. Erase unneeded slides and such, add or delete details until your presentation is perfect.
  6. Add in sounds and other details, then make a beginning and ending slide, maybe even an opening sequence.
  7. You’re done! If you want, you can even turn it into a flash movie using Wink(

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