PowerFlashPoint for AxisTV

axistvVisix Partners with DigitalOfficePro to offer PowerFlashPoint for Axis TV. Visix partners with DigitalOfficePro to offer its users the flexibilty to Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash and import them into AxisTV.

AxisTV is Visix’s digital signage platform and is a leading player in digital signage market. PowerFlashPoint for Visix Axis TV is a customised version of the leading PowerPoint to Flash Converter – PowerFlashPoint for Axis TV.

“We are proud to partner with digital signage software industry leader Visix to offer its customers the power of seamless PowerPoint to Flash conversion for use in thier digital signage software suite Axis TV. Selection of PowerFlashPoint reinforces the fact that DigitalOfficePro’s PowerFlashPoint is the industry leader in PPT to Flash Conversion” – said Andrew Hayden, President, DigitalOfficePro.

Buy PowerFlashPoint for Visix Axis TV at:



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