Press Release for PowerFlashPoint

DigitalOfficePro Launches PowerFlashPoint 2.0
-Convert PowerPoint to Flash in a single click

DigitalOfficePro, the global provider of Presentation solutions, announced the availability of PowerFlashPoint 2.0 (PPT2Flash). With PowerFlashPoint, one can easily create rich -media Flash presentations and interactive online training by converting PPT presentation to Flash.

PowerFlashPoint 2.0 convert your Powerpoint (XP/2003/2007) presentations to flash in a single click. Easily distribute your presentations via CD/e-mail to anyone, anywhere! PowerFlashPoint accurately converts your PowerPoint to Flash and retains all of your special effects with upto 98% reduction in file size. It also allows you to create high-quality web banners from PowerPoint.

PowerFlashPoint (PPT2Flash Converter): The most accurate PowerPoint to Flash Converter. Retains all of your special effects, including:

(a) Narration & Continuous Audio.

(b) Video.

(c) Animations & Transitions.

(d) Hyperlinks.

PowerFlashPoint:Works ditto Powerpoint.
Bonus:You Enjoy all the benefits of Flash:

(1) Easy distribution on the Web or CD.

(2) Greatly reduced file size.

(3) A secure and tamper proof format.

(4) Streaming technology.

(5) Optional single file output.

(6) Viewing Capabilities with or without Player.

System Requirements and Availability :
DigitalOfficePro PowerFlashPoint 2.0 supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, Microsoft PowerPoint XP/2003/2007. DigitalOfficePro PowerFlashPoint 2.0 is available immediately with a competitive retail price of $199.00 as limited time offer.

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About DigitalOfficePro :
With customers around the world, DigitalOfficePro – a Microsoft partner, is a leading global provider of powerful rapid communications, online-training solutions and high quality multimedia tools. DigitalOfficePro knows the value of powerful and professionally designed visuals to cater industry needs. Always dedicated to development of high-end products.


Contact DigitalOfficePro :
Digitalofficepro Inc,
117 East 57 Street,
17th Floor, Suite 800-815,
New York, NY 10022


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  1. Tom

    May 3, 2009 - 9:49 am

    Good read – thanks for posting!

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