Tips for designing a Website

The most important thing in a webpage no matter how sophisticated the technology is behind the screen the front of it has to have a touch of class. It is the most important factor of a website that will help drive people to your website and help you increase your visitor status to your website. Given below are some tips which should be kept in mind while designing your website.

  • The first thing that you should well prepare is the content. Your content is how you will sell. Using the right words for the right purpose ensures that people will stay to linger on. You should have information to pull your customers to keep them asking for more. Always remember that many famous websites have rich content that keep their visitors coming back for more and more. Some examples of these are,, etc.
  • Sticking to the subject of your website, do not publish anything else other than your main purpose behind building a webpage. If you are selling a certain product stick to selling that product research and find out all about the product and then write to tell your customer what it is all about. Do not add unnecessary jokes and riddles or fun pages in it. If you see the popular site known as e-bay they have all their pages dedicated to their products and nothing else. The best idea is to have your goals written down so that you don’t go out of focus when you are designing your site.
  • First impression is always the last impression, your first page or your home page should reflect this. It should be concise and should tell your visitors what you are trying to portray what you are trying to do. Do not keep this page too crowded; your home page goal should keep your visitor focused.
  • A common problem that is associated with designers is that they try to design web pages instead of web sites. Focus on the overall design of the site, the pages should be consistent, colors pleasing to the eye and above all it should have room for future development. One of the top differences between an amateur site and a professional one is “Consistency”.
  • Your visitors should be able to navigate your site as freely as possible without any complications added to it. If you are into selling a product or a service than you should add a footer at the end of every page stating your company name, address, phone numbers and email address should be embossed. If you are using a menu to navigate around it should be in clear and simple words. Inviting your customers to come and ask you questions would be a good idea; this will show them that you are interested in their views. Links to other sites should always be on another page, remember although that is there as a reference purpose and not for pulling your visitors away from your site.
  • If you are looking for your old customers to come back and revisit then you will have to give them a reason for them to do so. You do this simply by keeping your website current, adding of articles, a daily cartoon, tips or any other attention catching event that will lure visitors to your site. Some of the words that attract most visitors to your site are “free”, “special”. If you are intending to use these words then be sure to offer something of value to them.
  • Once the website has been designed it should be seen through the eyes of a stranger. View your website through many other browsers that are available. Some of the noted ones are Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Does the site look the way you want it to be? Is it pleasing and easy for everyone?


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