Learning Technologies 2011 kicks off

January 26, London. Learning technologies 2011 kicked off this morning.

Zenler Studio and Zenler Online got off to a flying start as it was launched today at the expo. It captured the imagination of visitors.

Zenler stall #22 looked stunning.

We have been overwhelmed by the response on the first day. Almost everyone were surprised and amazed by the power of Zenler Studio and most said we leave the competition by miles. Most of them were getting tired with existing rigid authoring systems available in market.

We had four sales personnel at the stall and at times we couldn’t service everyone due to surge in interest in Zenler. Zenler Online also got rave reviews and were literally shocked by it’s simplicity.

Catch us again tomorrow for the last day of the expo. Don’t miss it and see what is all the fuss about!



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