Zenler – A star is born

Jan 26-27, Learning Technologies, Olympia 2, London. Zenler platform rocked the show with eLearning users flocking in.

We had lots of people coming to the stall having recommended by their colleagues/partners who had spread the word of mouth after experiencing it yesterday.

It created a real buzz in the e-Learning community who were quite simply tired of existing authoring tools.

“Wow – amazing – really really good, can you really do all of that in studio, nothing like I’ve seen before” – were the common theme of questions after seeing Zenler Studio.

Zenler Online LMS – visitors said that’s exactly what they were looking for. We had people coming twice because they liked the Zenler platform, they like the fact that it was nice and clean, with literally no learning curve due to it’s simplicity.


Zenler’s mission statement is ‘To be the world leader in eLearning’. And we will work tirelessly to get there and beyond. Amazing teamwork from Team Zenler to make the software and the expo happen in time and with impact.

See you at the next conference.

Bigger, Better !



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