PowerFlashPoint SDK

Leverage the most accurate PowerPoint to Flash Conversion software into your application.


Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations are a vital part of modern days learning, corporate training sessions, business & marketing meetings and sales gatherings. Majority of slideshows created all over the world uses Microsoft PowerPoint. And to present/broadcast these high impact presentations over the web in an efficient and fast way requires a well supported Internet format of Adobe Flash®.

PowerFlashPoint PowerPoint to Flash SDK (Software Developing Kit) is a sophisticated SDK Component, allowing you to easily integrate and leverage this leading PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool in an easy fast and economical way by developers for Desktop applications, Web applications or Web services. It is optimized for high multiple execution processing and performs fast batch conversion of PowerPoint presentations into compact and web-friendly Flash movies in no time. In addition it gives you full control over your own product and for web application. Now its possible to concentrate on your product rather that worrying about creating a stable and accurate PPT to Flash Conversion engine.

PowerFlashPoint PowerPoint to Flash SDK provides developers of desktop applications and web applications a perfectly engineered smart and effective solution for converting PowerPoint presentations into an easy-to-use Online-Flash functionality presentation.

It enables advanced fine tuning of the conversion process allowing developers to import slides customized with specific animation in PowerPoint, and transform the combination to a single SWF file retaining full control over the Flash presentation appearance and playback. A combination of highly customizable Flash players provides various view models, presentation navigation and interaction schemes.

PowerFlashPoint PowerPoint to Flash SDK allows you to create custom branded players for your presentations and take full control over the presentation look and feel. It includes players source code and detailed documentation to facilitate your development.




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