Unlimited licensing model for HTML5Point SDK

DigitalOfficePro introduced Unlimited licensing model for HTML5Point PPT to HTML5 SDK. With our Unlimited licensing model you will be able to run HTML5Point SDK on an Unlimited number of server machines for your conversion needs. This will enable your team to deliver conversion to your clients without queuing for another conversion to complete helping your team speed up conversion rate significantly as well.

What you get with Unlimited licensing model:

  • You have unlimited Scalability.
  • Quicker conversions in your conversion cloud as more machines mean less wait time for your users.
  • Not have to worry about how many licenses you have etc..
  • No more need for dealing with admin hassles of separate licensing for multiple machines.
  • In a nutshell, use it any number of installs, anywhere you want.

Learn more about HTML5Point SDK:



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